Keep your New Year’s Resolution with Bike Chattanooga


New year, new you Chattanooga.


2019 was one incredible year for Bike Chattanooga and it’s all because of YOU! What made last year so fantastic?


74,409 TRIPS IN 2019



400 BIKES – 47 NEW E-BIKES IN 2019



As we ring in 2020, we set out to better ourselves through the time-old tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. From getting in shape to going green, there are a number of goals we work towards to celebrate a fresh start.


Whether you are saving money, getting active or trying something new, we have your New Year’s Resolutions covered. Discover 5 ways to keep your New Year’s Resolution with Bike Chattanooga.


Save Big


Looking to save big in 2020? Celebrate the new year by cutting costs with Bike Chattanooga. Biking with us is a cost-effective transit alternative for navigating the city. With Annual Memberships priced at $50 – less than 15¢ a day – getting to your destination in Chattanooga has never been more affordable. Grab a membership and start saving!




Go Green


Trading your car for a bike is an easy way to go green. Lower your carbon footprint and cut back on your commute time by riding with Bike Chattanooga year round. Check out our system map to see how you can work us into your daily transit routine.


Bike Share Chattanooga


Get in Shape


If your goal is to get active, biking is for you! Cycling has a number of health benefits like improvements in cardiovascular health, a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, a lower risk of certain cancers and a healthier body weight. Whether you’re biking to and from work, running errands or heading to a friend’s house, Bike Chattanooga makes living a healthy, active lifestyle easy, convenient and fun!


Bike Chattanooga


 Support Your Mental Health


Taking care of your mental health is one of the most important resolutions we can make. Whether you’re in need of a stress reliever, a mood booster or an anxiety reducer, Bike Chattanooga is a great solution. By increasing levels of serotonin, dopamine and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, cycling is a proven mood stabilizer. Grab a pass and discover the unique mental health benefits biking has to offer.



Try Something New


A new year is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Why not give biking a go? With over 400 bikes and 42 stations across the city, riding with us is easy, cost-effective and FUN! Step outside of your comfort zone and give Bike Chattanooga a chance – we think you’d like it.





Goodbye 2019 and hello to a new year, new riders and new trips. Start the year right, become a member today.


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