Give your ride a BOOST


Introducing e-bike pilot program to the Bike Chattanooga system!


There is a lot to be excited about right now in Chattanooga. To kick things off, on July 23, Bike Chattanooga celebrates its 6th anniversary in operation. We are thrilled to be able to offer the community and visitors access to bike share to navigate the beautiful city!


Secondly, joining the bikes currently riding around the city are the BOOST e-bikes for a pilot run! The NEW electronic pedal-assist technology on the BOOST e-bikes break all barriers to biking. Your first experience when climbing on an e-bike will be the feeling of a magical BOOST. With its smart riding intuitive technology, it will detect how much electronic boost each unique rider needs or wants and adjusts accordingly to deliver a smooth, easy riding experience. With a maximum speed of 15 miles/hr, the BOOST e-bike will propel you through your ride.


BOOST e-bike for Bike Chattanooga


Together with a comfortable ride experience, BOOST e-bike battery life will get you to and from without a worry. Each bike is built to ride upwards of 35 miles on one charge, which means a plethora of trips around the city you can depend on.


BOOST e-bikes




BOOST e-bikes

  • Speed up to 15 miles/hr.
  • Smart riding; e-bike detects how much electronic boost each riders needs and adjusts effort accordingly




BOOST e-bikes

  • High-capacity battery integrated in the aluminum bike frame with an autonomy range of more than 35 miles for peace of mind




  • Not near an e-station? No problem! BOOST e-bikes can be docked at any Bike Chattanooga station and the team will re-balance when needed.
  • With an average bike ride under 3 miles, each BOOST e-bike has more than 10 rides before it needs a complete charge!

BOOST e-station



  • Enjoy a smooth, fun and easy ride across longer distances, up steeper hills and against stronger headwinds
  • Go further, faster, without breaking a sweat
  • Propels riders comfortably without noise or vibrations


Bike Chattanooga



Not heading near an E-station? No problem! Dock anywhere, anytime and let Bike Chattanooga ensure all bikes are charged for your use.


BOOST ebikes in Chattanooga


Worried about commuting and not arriving in a sweaty frenzy? Let BOOST keep your cool.

Looking for a smooth, EASY ride, up hills and around town? Let BOOST get you there.

Want to go further, faster via bike? Let BOOST be your ride.


Grab a Pass that makes sense for your riding needs. See Pricing for more details.


Download CycleFinder


Download CycleFinder for Bike Chattanooga

For up-to-the-minute bike and station info, download CycleFinder from Apple Store or Google Play



-Happy  *EASY* Pedaling, Chattanooga!

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