Gig City Rides Smart with BOOST


Celebrate Chattanooga’s burgeoning tech sector with BOOST.


What better place to introduce BOOST E-Bikes than Gig City?


From our Innovation District to The Gigibit Network, Chattanooga has established a smart city that celebrates modernism and entrepreneurship. Specially selected to pilot the project for its vibrant technology culture, our city’s forward-thinking environment was the perfect location for PBSC Urban Solutions and Shift Transit’s newest endeavor, BOOST Pedal Assist E-Bikes.


Meet BOOST E-Bikes


Beginning its transformation from a picturesque Tennessee town to Gig City in 2010, the introduction of the first citywide Gigibit Network catapulted Chattanooga into the tech spotlight. Coupling the city-owned fiber internet with growing smart infrastructure, start-up companies and entrepreneurs alike began to flock to our humble city. A southern alternative to the famous Silicon Valley or alluring New York City, Chattanooga’s Innovation District was born. From app companies and data agencies to manufacturers and research labs, Chattanooga’s tech culture continues to grow.


Always looking to integrate new technologies into the landscape, BOOST E-Bikes were a fantastic way to make our city even smarter. 


Bike sharing with the community for a total of six years, 56,243 trips and a whopping 40,529 miles, we knew our riders would like the introduction of BOOST E-Bikes. I mean, have you ever tried to pedal up one of Chattanooga’s big hills? Sometimes you need a little help to make it to the top in our town!


Combining the city’s love for technology and passion for biking, BOOST was a natural fit. 


 BOOST e-bikes in Chattanooga


What makes BOOST so tech savvy?


BOOST’s Pedal Assist Technology defines high-tech biking. It’s intuitive technology, detects how much electronic boost each unique rider needs or wants and adjusts according. With a maximum speed of 15 miles/hr, the BOOST e-bike gets our riders where they need to be on time and sweat-free. Have you ever had such a smart ride?

BOOST e-bikes for Bike Chattanooga

What does Chattanooga think of BOOST?


“We are annual bike members for a couple years. Just had my first experience with your new bikes. Awesome!  These bikes are perfect for downtown Chattanooga area. We used to own a couple e-bikes. These are much more user-friendly. Hope you continue to add these to your inventory.”


“We need more, now!”


“I’ve been using them almost every day. It was enough to convince me to get the Annual Pass. I just wish you had more of them!”



Bike Chattanooga's new BOOST e-Bikes


How can you ride BOOST?


Riding a BOOST is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


  1. Purchase a 24hr Access Pass, 3-Day Access Pass or Annual Membership
  2. Take out a BOOST E-Bike at one of our 41 stations. Take as many 60 minute station to station trips as you want while you Access pass is active.



Looking for a BOOST E-Bike? Download CycleFinder on Google Play or the App Store to track their locations in real time!


Download CycleFinder for Bike Chattanooga




If you’ve taken BOOST E-Bikes for a spin,  let us know how your ride was with #BikeCHA.


Happy riding!





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