Bike Chattanooga’s Fleet Grows with 47 NEW E-Bikes


We’re expanding to almost 400 bikes across 42 stations!


Bike Chattanooga is riding into its 7th summer in operation and what an exciting summer we have in store for Chattanoogans! Last year, we piloted our first e-bikes, which paved the path to permanent BOOST ebikes into the system. With thousands of trips logged, the number of pedal-assist e-bikes will be growing to a total of 55 this summer!



Thanks to the generous support of the Lyndhurst and Riverview Foundations, you can expect to see 17 more BOOST e-bikes to join the current 8, as well as 30 e-FIT e-bikes. Joining the system is also a new e-station in Tatum Park, located in the Highland Park neighborhood. Not heading near an E-station? No problem! Dock anywhere, anytime and let Bike Chattanooga ensure all bikes are charged for your use.





Looking for an e-bike? Download the CycleFinder app to find our e-bikes, which are marked with a circular lightning bolt. In addition, any station on the system map that has available e-bikes will be marked green versus blue for easy identification. Starting in June, riders will be able to purchase passes and memberships via the CycleFinder app, making it a one-stop user experience for our customers.






Finally, June through August, Bike Chattanooga will offer a  Free Ride Wednesday Summer Series across 13 Wednesdays this summer. All 24h pass purchases are FREE and include unlimited 60-minute station to station trips while the pass is active.



Free Ride Wednesday



 First time rider or long-time member? Let us help you get riding!


$15 – 3-DAY PASS




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