Bike Chattanooga 2018 Highlights


A year led by growth, strong ridership and new technology for Bike Chattanooga.


2018 was one incredible year for Bike Chattanooga and it’s all because of YOU!


What made last year so fantastic? We celebrated our 6th anniversary and welcomed BOOST Pedal Assist E-Bikes to the fleet. There’s a lot for Bike Chattanooga members & users to celebrate as we reflect back on 2018 and ride forward into 2019.




53,339 Trips in 2018


MILES BIKED: 289,487




BOOST e-bike Pilot Program


What better place to introduce BOOST than Gig City? Specially selected to pilot the project in July, 2018 – for its vibrant technology culture – our city’s forward-thinking environment was the perfect location for PBSC Urban Solutions and Shift Transit’s newest endeavor, BOOST Pedal Assist E-Bikes. 


The NEW electronic pedal-assist technology on the BOOST e-bikes break all barriers to biking. Our riders first experience when climbing a hill on an e-bike will be the feeling of a magical BOOST. With its smart riding intuitive technology, it detects how much electronic boost each unique rider needs or wants and adjusts accordingly to deliver a smooth, easy riding experience. With a maximum speed of 15 miles/hr, the BOOST e-bike propels users through their ride.


Meet BOOST E-Bikes


Here to Stay


With an average of 45 trips per bike in just four short months, it’s clear that Chattanooga enjoys giving their rides a BOOST. With a successful Pilot Program coming to a close, BOOST E-Bikes became a permanent staple of the Bike Chattanooga fleet in November, 2018. Releasing additional E-Bikes with their very own Bike Chattanooga aesthetic, we couldn’t be happier to offer our members & users even more BOOST power.


Bike Chattanooga's new BOOST Bike



How many riders gave their bike a BOOST in 2018? A whopping 3,333 users enjoyed the easy, smooth experience of our Pedal Assist E-Bikes. That’s 6.3% of our total ridership in 2018! How many trips will our users take in 2019? We can’t wait to find out!


Pedal Assist E-Bikes


What our Members Have to Say


“These are fantastic! They definitely increase the likelihood of me taking a bike instead of a car. Easy, simple assisted power for hills and quicker starts at lights & stop signs. I feel safer on these. More please!”


“Those… things… are… WONDERFUL!!! 😍 I’ve had knee surgery and they totally take all the pressure off when you first start pedaling. But you still get all the cardio benefits when you get rolling. 🚲”


“I have ridden these several times in many different weather conditions. It’s always an enjoyable ride and these BOOST bikes are easy on my knees.”


“I’ve been using them almost every day. It was enough to convince me to get the annual pass. I just wish you had more of them!”


BOOST ebikes in Chattanooga


Our Top Rider – Travis


“After years of being a car commuter I decided to move downtown. Part of that lifestyle change was to become a bike commuter as well. The difference in my stress levels from being stuck in traffic in a car every day to the almost carefree feeling of biking to work every day is astronomical. Using the bike share system has been incredibly liberating. I never have to worry about having a ride anywhere in the city. I also never have to worry if my personal bike is safe where I’ve chained it up or worry about looking for parking if I drive my car. The ability to just grab a bike with my annual pass key and dock it whenever I’m done biking gives me a freedom most people haven’t experienced. Biking in the city gives you a feeling of actually being a part of what’s going on around you. When the weather is good, I love to just get on a bike and ride around the city and see what is going on and I’m never disappointed with adventures I get into. Biking everyday has also led to a new level of fitness and caused me to lose weight without making other lifestyle changes. The bike share system has had a huge positive effect on my life. I cannot recommend the system enough to anyone that lives or spends most of their time downtown. Honestly I could not imagine my life downtown without the bike share system.”



How many trips will we make together in 2019? Time to grab a bike and find out. 

– Your friends at Bike Chattanooga



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