Access Bike Chattanooga with the Touch of a Screen

Bike Chattanooga uses two smartphone apps to help you use our system: Transit App and Cyclefinder. Download both today and make your next trip that much easier!


Transit App


The Transit App helps you plan your next trip more efficiently. When planning your trip, check to see number of available bikes and docks at nearby stations. Get directions and an approximate trip time to your destination. You can also save time by purchasing a Daily Pass or 3-Day Pass and getting ride codes on the Transit App.

Cyclefinder App


The Cyclefinder App provides information on the number of available bikes and docks throughout the system. Worried about going over the 60-minute limit? Set a timer through the app, which will alert you when you have 5 minutes remaining on your free trip. You can also track your usage of Bike Chattanooga, such as distance traveled,average speed, calories burned and CO2 emissions saved.